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We are the exclusive spot for all of your skin care and beauty product needs.

Special occasion right around the corner?

Our professionals are knowledgeable in the skin care and beauty industry. They can recommend products to you based on your personal tastes and your skin type.


Our skilled professionals offer makeovers and facials to help you look beautiful and rejuvenate your skin. Call us today to schedule your appointment.


We offer the following beauty and skin care products:


  • Lip treatments

  • Facials and microdermabrasion

  • Wrinkle cream

  • Dandruff treatments

  • Anti-aging skin treatments

  • Satin hands


We carry the #1 skin care product line in the US.

When you come in to get a makeover, consider your hair care needs as well. We offer a huge line of hair care products and hair for you to choose from.


We carry:

  • 100% human hair

  • Exotic beauty products

  • Original and up-to-date African hairstyles

  • Wigs

  • Medicated shampoos and soaps

  • Silky jumbo braids

  • Creams for treating dandruff, rashes, and wrinkles


We have the #1 best-selling brands of cosmetics and skin care products.


When you come here, you will get the service and treatment that you deserve!

Pull the whole look together all in one place.